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Falcon II Fireworks Igniter - 1 meter length
Falcon II Igniter

(1 meter length)
Falcon II Fireworks Igniter - Fuse Attached
Falcon II Igniter
(with fuse attached)
Falcon II Fireworks Igniter - Open Clamp
Falcon II Igniter
(close-up of open clamp)

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Falcon II Fireworks Igniters are a 100% safe and reliable electric fireworks igniter, containing no pyrotechnic compound, and designed specifically for consumer use.  Unlike professional e-match, Falcon II Electric Igniters require no special licensing, storage requirements, or handling precautions.  They are completely safe to transport and store in virtually any environment.  And they are the only fireworks igniter that can be shipped via air freight throughout the USA and Canada.

What is the difference between pytotechnic e-match used by professionals and our new
Falcon II Fireworks Igniters designed for consumer use?

Original pyrotechnic e-match used by professionals contains a special pyrotechnic compound on the head of the match that burns fiercely when an electrical current is passed through it.  Unfortunately, this pyrotechnic compound is highly sensitive to shock, friction, and radio waves, and therefore requires a federal BATF license to purchase, handle and store.

Falcon II Fireworks Igniters use a unique design incorporating a "clamp-on" connector that easily attaches to most consumer fireworks fuse.  Within the clamp is a very thin nichrome wire that directly contacts the firework fuse.  When an electical current is passed through this wire (recommended voltage between 6V - 12V, at .5A - 2A) it glows white hot, igniting the fuse to which it is attached.  There is no flame produced by Falcon II Igniters, only a white-hot glowing wire element.  Falcon II Igniters have been designed specifically to work best with 1/8" visco fuse found on most consumer fireworks, but will light virtually any other type of fuse to which they are attached (quickmatch, sticky match, black match, etc.)  And best of all, Falcon II Fireworks Igniters require no special permits or licensing to purchase or use.

Do I need any special equipment to use Falcon II Fireworks Igniters?
You can use Falcon II Igniters with virtually any standard firing systems (wired or wireless) on the market today.  Falcon II Igniters are desgined to work best with our amateur firing systems operating the 6V - 12V range, at .5A - 2A.  You can even use a simple 9V battery to fire Falcon II Igniters is you wish.

Where can I find fireworks firing systems specifically designed for use with Falcon II igniters?
You can find a wide assortment of wireless fireworks firing systems on our web site here


Don't settle for a cheap imitation -
use only
Falcon Electric Igniters!

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